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    IC Systems is KNX partner

    Introduction to KNX


      KNX in Homes

      KNX in offices & public buildings

    IC Systems and KNX

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    KNX in Homes

    KNX in offices & public buidings

IC Systems Is KNX Partner

IC-Systems is now an official KNX partner.


Introduction to KNX

KNX is the intelligent building control system for all areas in which people live and work. From single-family houses to office complexes or public buildings, the comprehensive portfolio of KNX solutions enables you to achieve flexible, energy-efficient, comfortable and safe solutions that are easy to plan, install and operate

Image 252

Image 256

KNX touch screen

Image 253

KNX temperature controller



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To know more about KNX systems please visit the official site of KNX.org.

IC systems and KNX


IC systems is a leading company in the field of automation and industrial systems, Since 2005 the company achieved to enrich its portfolio with a long list of successfully built project, along with the positive feedback and satisfied customers.  

Built KNX systems by IC systems

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