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    Introduction to KNX smart home systems

    Feature of KNX systems

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Introduction to KNX smart home systems

To answer the home automation growing needs, industrials started to develop systems in the early 70’s, and nowadays, home automation systems are widely available. Despite the strong disparities amongst cultures and installations standards, the KNX protocol was successfully normalized at a worldwide scale to constitute a “worldwide standard for home control”. This protocol synthesizes the state of art of available solutions for home automation, providing HVAC, Lighting and Energy control for the residential market.

Features of KNX systems

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Light control:

Using the systems that KNX offers, lights can be controlled in different ways:


According to presence: By adding motion detection and light intensity sensors, light can be turned on and off, for example if a person enters a zone with poor light intensity lights will turn on automatically, but if the light at that room was already at a good level, lights will not turn on, unless the user turns it on manually.

According to sun light: By adding light intesity sensors to detect sun rise and fall. for example outside light can be turned on when night falls, and off at day time.

Scheduled: KNX systems can be programmed, to turn on/off light at certain period during the day.

Manually: through the use of touch Panels, IPAD, Smart phone, or keypads which comes with stylish design that suits any home decoration.

Shutter control:

Shutters can be also controlled in different ways:


According to sun light: By adding light intensity sensors, shutters can be programmed to keep a certain light intensity inside the house by opening and closing the shutters as needed, for example at noon when sun light is at its maximum the shutters will be partially closed to allow only few light to pass.

Scheduled: Shutters can be also programmed to open and close at certain period of the days, for example they can be programmed to close completely at night time and to open completely at the early hours of morning.

Manually: through the use of touch Panels, IPAD, Smart phone, or keypads which comes with stylish design that suits any home decoration.

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HVAC control:

HVAC units can be also connected to the KNX system, to maintain a comfort environment in the house.


By adding motions detectors, Broken glass sensors a KNX system can be programmed to trigger an alarm if a motion is detected while the system is in locked mode which can be activated by a click when the owner leaves the house.

Remote monitoring

KNX systems allows the user to connect their smart phone, IPADs or other devices that can connect the internet, allowing them to moniter and control everything connected to the system, Status of lights, shutters, fire alarms, motions where motion detectors are installed, and even cameras if connected, by that keeping the owner of the house aware of what goes in the house even if he is away.

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Saving energy

Blinds, shutters, room thermostats, heating valves, window sensors and light sensors can communicate with each other via KNX. Intelligent networking automatically decreases the energy and heating consumption.

KNX scene

Whether you plan to spend your evening playing games, watching TV or reading, or to have a cosy get-together with friends – every situation can be enhanced with an individual KNX scene. At the push of a single button, all required functions are activated at the same time: blinds are lowered, mood lighting is switched on and the room is heated or air-conditioned to just the right temperature. At the end of the evening, all functions can be switched off at the push of a button, thus putting the entire home into energysaving night mode.

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