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  Consultation support

Automation and control systems are becoming a more and more important factor in ensuring a higher productivity. The continuous development of products, systems and solutions increasingly requires specialist advice and services over the entire life cycle.

The users of automation solutions are putting a greater focus on their core competence and expect a competent range of services from the suppliers of products, systems and solutions, That's the reason why the technical consulting service in I.C. Systems supports you during planning and conception of your project.

Depending on your requirements, we help you during the configuration of your overall automation software solution to this end we offer you the following services in electrical and control divisions:
  • Project designing

               Advise and recommend extra solutions and ideas to your plan.

  • Product training

               Expand your knowledge of any product you purchase.

  • Application support

               Develop an example application of your project.

  • Configuration testing

               Test the structure and architecture of your project.    

Our experienced specialists can therefore ensure that professional preparations are made for implementing the chosen solution and pay special attention to project-specific criteria such as material, engineering and maintenance costs or machine and plant performance.


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