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  RTU SWN (South West Nablus)



The RTU system is used to control and measure the water flow in the pipelines supplying the reservoir and the water level in the reservoir. It contains various safety measures to insure maximum security of the system. The RTU uses SMS messages to alert the operator about intrusions and malfunctions. Remote control of the systems can also be done by SMS messages.
The system is controlled by means of a PLC which controls and monitors all the components of the system.
The system is capable to be monitored and controlled by a SCADA system using GPRS.

System Components
  •  A SIEMENS S7-1200 PLC.
  •  A SIEMENS KTP600 6"operator touch panel.
  •  A GSM/GPRS Modem.
  •  A flow control valve.
  •  A flow meter.
  •  Float level switches.
  •  A level transmitter.
  •  Intrusion switches.

Project Gallery

Image 406

Urif Reservoir

Image 407

RTU Stainless Steel Control Panel

Image 408

Control Panel, Touch Screen

Image 409

Control panel components

Image 410

limit switch to detect intrusion

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