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The ATS consisted of twelve various sizes circuit breakers, half were designated for the main net power supply feeding a chiller, UPS, and other electrical appliances, while the other half were installed for the considered alternative power supplies, two generators.

The job was to manage the twelve circuit breakers between the two power supplies and ensure the safety of all electrical appliances during an electrical cutoff and/or external intrusion.

Several monitoring devices were inserted upon the main supply and the bus-bars, to verify electricity validity and detect under-voltages, over-voltages and loss of phases. All the control was achieved through a SIEMENS PLC brand ET200s for remote I/O. The PLC communicated with the breaker through the modern tool PROFIBUS in order to collect data necessary so as correct decisions to be made.

Numerous tests and assumptions were made through the usual examination of any project I.C. Systems is involved in before the final submit, to prepare the control mind for any situation possible and to deal with it efficiently.

Situations were dealt professionally and carefully to provide the optimum service possible for instance, if the main Net supply cuts off for some reason, the PLC will order the primary generator to start while in the meanwhile the six net breakers open and waits until the generator is ready to supply the system, by means of our monitoring devices the right time is chosen to close the main generator’s breaker and the following six breakers.

Image 379

BMS system Start Screen.

Image 380

Main distribution box; shows the statues of ATS and main switches.

Image 381

Through this page the supervisor can chose the modes of operations and the monitor the statues of each system.

Image 382

Chillers control and monitoring screen.

Image 383

Alarm screen.

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