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  Disaster data center in Arab bank – Nablus



A complete BMS was established to control and monitor the entire center, using remote I/O PLC SIEMENS PLC ET200S with the addition of many monitoring devices such as:

  • Pressure transducers.
  • Flood sensors
  • Temperature sensors
  • Humidity sensors and many others.


Data was collected from various systems to ensure effectiveness for instance; the fire alarm systems, computer room air conditioning (CRAC) systems and security systems. 

As for communications, they were achieved using modern technologies, MODBUS and PROFINET.

While on the other hand the system controls and supervises the electrical distribution feeding the center using digital multi-meters and manage the UPS and generator roles as well as any faults that may occur as a result of external intrusion.

A PC monitor was installed in site for human interface and monitor every detail occurs in the center and can accessed remotely from any chosen reference. Other than that, using a modem and local telecommunication services, managers are informed at the time of any fault occurs through SMS messages and E-mails.

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