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The BMS system in the housing bank connects all the components and the sub systems in the UPS and servers rooms, to fully monitor and control its operation which can be divided into the following:

1-Power distribution: Connected by modbus, the BMS system monitors the electricity fed to the system (From grid, generator, UPS), and sends alarms if there is any problems or failures; for example over heated generator, or weak electricity, besides the BMS also reads the status of the circuit breakers, which the systems supervisor need to be informed about all the time.

2-Environment of the rooms: The BMS system monitors the environment of the room through Temperature, humidity and flood sensors connected to the system. According to the status of these sensors and the values set by the supervisor, the systems controls the operation of two air conditions, two crackers, and exhaust fan to maintain the environment of the room as required. In case of failed attempts to control the environment, or in case of failures in the connected devices, the system will send SMS alarms and will show the alarm on the monitoring screen.

Image 361

This HMI window allows the supervisor to change the set values of the system.

3-Room security:  By using motions detection the system keep tracks of movement inside the rooms, and sends alarms in case of unauthorized detected motion.
4-Monitoring interface:  An HMI designed particularly to the UPS and the server rooms in the housing bank, through which the supervisor can monitor the status of all the previously mentioned devices. This HMI will be installed on a pc or a laptop connected to the system through an Ethernet communication.

Image 360

Home screen of the HMI, shows the status of temperatures, humidity, flood sensors, and motion detectors, along with the operation of the Air conditioners, exhaust fan, and the CRACs.

5-SMS alarm system:  this system is designed and owned by IC systems, it enables the BMS system to send the alarms in SMS format to particular phone numbers chosen by the customer, and also allows particular phone numbers to inquire a report about the system statues sent as SMS when the number holders calls the system.

Image 359

Alarm history, Lists all the alarms that occurred (In HMI).

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